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Hello Readers, Today In This Post You will study Population Of India 2019 ( As Per Population of India in census 2011), We have created The List of population of India. According to 2011 Census of India figures, 54.73% of Kerala's population are Hindus, 26.56% are Muslims, 18.38% are Christians, and the remaining 0.33% follow other religions or have no religion. Population of Children with age of 0-6 is 1756 which is 8.82 % of total population of Kanjiramkulam (CT). The state has one of the lowest fertility rates in the country, which has caused a statistic move as observed in many developed nations with 12% of its population beyond 60 years old. WhatsApp. The Malankara Church is a prominent non-Catholic Christian community. So the facts are different. In the decade gone by (2001-2011), the growth rate of the Muslim population fell by a good five percentage points as against the drop of 3 percentage points for Hindus. As per the Census 2001 data, Hindus, who constitute 56.20 per cent of the total population, is the most prominent religious community in the state. The proportion of Muslims has risen to 27%, while Christians hovers around the 18% mark. Thrissur district of Kerala has total population of 3,121,200 as per the Census 2011. Kerala has the largest population of Christians in India. Shanker Arnimesh 2 December, 2020 9:12 am IST. Apart from Muslims and Christians, a majority of Hindus also eat dishes made of red meat. Become a Member. DEMOGRAPHY OF KERALA: Kerala has three primary religions: Hinduism 56%, Islam 24%, and Christianity 20%. Moreover Child Sex Ratio in Kanjiramkulam is around 930 compared to Kerala state average of 964. State Wise Population of India.Population of India By Religion.This Post Will Share Comparison Of Population Of India 2017 and Population Of India 2018 and Population Of India 2019 along with … The mythological legends regarding the origin of Kerala are Hindu in nature. As per Census 2011 out of total population, 67.2% … Kerala is additionally considered the cleanest state … Twitter. Literacy rate of Kanjiramkulam city is 92.09 % lower than state average of 94.00 %. Religion of tribal population in Wayanad, Kerala, India. As per census 2011, Hindu are majority in Kerala state. The Hindu population went up from 1.78 crore in 2001 to 1.82 crore in 2011. 18% of Kerala was Muslim and 20% followed Christianity. The … It is one of the largest population counting exercises in the world. Kerala is home to 2.76% of India's population, and at 859 persons per km²; its land is three times as densely settled as the rest of India. Kerala has a reputation of being, communally, one of the most religiously diverse states in India. IndiaHealthstat IndiaHousingstat IndiaIndustrystat IndiaInfrastat. It is the 13th most populous state in India with an overall population density of 2,200 people per square mile or … The Palai city is divided into 23 wards for which elections are held every 5 years. In 2011 there were total 759,210 families residing in Thrissur district. Of the total population of Kerala, working population (main and marginal workers) constitute 32.3% and non-workers form 67.7%. The Muslim population rose from 78.63 lakh to 88.73 lakh. The city has grown from an ancient port city to a well developed trading center. Facebook. Idukki District Population, Caste, Religion Data (Kerala) - Census 2011. The VHP/BJP is accussing that there are rampant conversion from Hindus to Chrstianity, your question is puzzling. Various tribal people in Kerala have retained the religious beliefs of their ancestors. In Cherukavu Census Town, Female Sex Ratio is of 1039 against state average of … … Hinduism constitutes 54.73% of Kerala population. Of these, 1.83 crore are Hindus, 88.7 lakh Muslims, and 61.4 lakh Christians. Text Size: A-A+. Of the total population of 3,34,06,061 in Kerala, the number of Hindus is 1,82,82,492, while the Muslim population is pegged at 88,73,472 and Christians 61,41,269. In Kerala, Muslims and Christians account for 45 percent of the state’s population. India is going to conduct it’s population counting marathon exercise in 2020 and data will be published in 2021. Kerala produced several saints and movements. Cherukavu is a Census Town city in district of Malappuram, Kerala. Known as the poor man’s meat, around 60% of the Kerala’s population eats beef. New Delhi: After a high-voltage campaign for the Hyderabad municipal elections, for which it deployed big guns such as Home Minister Amit Shah and UP Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, the BJP … The Average Sex Ratio of Idukki district is 1,006. By 2011, Hindus made up only 55% of Kerala’s population. Although a minority, the Christian population of Kerala is proportionally much larger than that of India as a whole. As per Census 2011 out of total population, 4.7% people lives in Urban … Hindutva politics has so far failed to translate into votes as far as elections in Kerala. Out of which 552,808 are males while 556,166 are females. (estimated). Email. According to the 2011 census, 54.73 per cent of Kerala's population is Hindu, 26.56 per cent Muslim while 18.38 percent Christian. Population of Children with age of 0-6 is 1677 which is 7.60 % of total population of Palai (M). The Average Sex Ratio of Thrissur district is 1,108. With Hindu votes divided between the CPI-M-led LDF, Congress-led UDF, and the BJP, the saffron party can’t rely solely on Hindu consolidation and needs to woo either one of the two largest minority groups -- Muslim and Christians -- to win elections. Linkedin. Despite being a stronghold of the rightwing fringe group – the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) –Kerala has not helped the BJP to make a mark in the state. There has been descent increase in population of Kochi city over the last … IPL 2020; LOGIN. A significant portion of the Indian Christian population resides in the state. 2020 India Population: By Religion, State Wise, Density, City Wise, and More details given here. Malappuram saw its population increase a whopping 44% between 2015 and 2020. Latest News: Get all the latest India news, ipo, bse, business news, commodity, sensex nifty, politics news with ease and comfort any time anywhere only on Moneycontrol. Kerala BJP president K. Surendran at a party event in Palakkad | Twitter: @surendranbjp . Christianity is the third-most practised religion in Kerala, accounting for 18% of the population according to the Indian census. In Kanjiramkulam Census Town, Female Sex Ratio is of 1032 against state average of 1084. Christian Population in … It managed to win only one seat in the state … Kerala is a state in India on the Malabar coast in the southwest region of the country. Idukki district of Kerala has total population of 1,108,974 as per the Census 2011. In all Hindu form majority religion in 13 out of 14 districts of Kerala state. The Palai Municipality has population of 22,056 of which 10,768 are males while 11,288 are females as per report released by Census India 2011. Most of the tribal population here are hindus and the main deities they worship are the Thampuratthy and Vettakkorumakan. This time, the population count campaign is digital and will be done by the Government employees throughout the … Muslim Population in Kerala is 88.73 Lakhs (26.56 percent) of total 3.34 Crore. The Cherukavu Census Town has population of 30,126 of which 14,778 are males while 15,348 are females as per report released by Census India 2011. Hindus constitute 54.9 per cent of the total population in Kerala, Muslims 26.6 per cent and Christians 18.4 per cent, it said. As of 2016, Hindus, Muslims, Christians and others account for 41.88%, 42.55%, 15.35% and 0.22% of the total child births in the state, respectively. However, Kerala's population growth rate is far lower than the national average, although Kerala's population more than doubled between 1951 and 1991 — adding 15.6 million people to reach a total of 29.1 million residents in 1991 — the population stood at 31.8 … In Palai Municipality, Female … In 2011 there were total 279,812 families residing in Idukki district. Palai is a Municipality city in district of Kottayam, Kerala. Data, however gets … Kerala Population 2020 – 37.96128 Million. The Catholics form 61% of the Kerala’s Christian population. Population of Kochi - Kochi is one of the most popular commercial hub and a tourist paradise in Kerala. Why wooing Christians in Kerala will be unavoidable for the BJP. Christian population in Kerala actually decreased in books only, it's because of reservation policy, 25% become 18% in books, Actual population who believing in Christianity in Kerala is 35%. By 1951, their numbers had dwindled to 61%. The Christian population of Kerala comprises Catholic, Jacobite Syrian, Orthodox Syrian, Mar Thoma, Church of South India, Dalit Christians and Pentecostal Churches/groups. The data for 2020 & 2021 is under process and will be updated in few weeks. The BJP faces a peculiar situation in Kerala where over 40 per cent of the state’s population consists of religious minorities. Population Of India. eng languages Visits since 1 Apr 2020 2,627,941 ; Visits since 1 Jan 2007 44,489,530; Eng Languages; EXPERIENCE KERALA (current) WHERE TO GO (current) WHERE TO STAY (current) THINGS TO DO (current) … Kerala Religion Census 2011. Out of which 1,480,763 are males while 1,640,437 are females. However this figure stands at 601,574 in 2011 and 628,464 in 2012. Population of Children with age of 0-6 is 4146 which is 13.76 % of total population of Cherukavu (CT). Notably, Muslims and Christians comprise about 45 percent of Kerala’s population and the rest are Hindus. Religious Population by Educational Status; Religious Population by Marital Status; Workers by Religious Communities; Associate Websites (56) Sector-specific Websites (19) IndiaAgristat IndiaChildrenstat IndiaCrimestat IndiaDemographics. Thrissur District Population, Caste, Religion Data (Kerala) - Census 2011. State-wise, Hindus constitute 54.72 per cent of the total population in Kerala while Muslims accounted for 26.56 per cent and Christians 18.38 per cent. As per available data, nearly 69% of Kerala population followed Indic religions, predominantly Hinduism in 1901. Hindus form the rest. Kerala is bordered by Tamil Nadu to the south and east, Karnataka to the north and northeast, and the Lakshadweep Sea to the west.. Kerala has an estimated population of 35 million, up from 33.38 million in 2011. Religious Demography of Kerala Population of Kerala in 2011 is 3.34 crores. According to estimated figures, Current population of Kochi city is 889,893 in 2020. In … IndiaEconomystat IndiaEducationstat IndiaEnergystat IndiaEnvironstat. Rural population in Kerala is 1,59,32,171.

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